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Group Classes vs. Private training.   (GROUP CLASSES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Group classes are designed to teach all basic commands in a multiple student setting. some of the benifits of this are that your dog will be socialized through having to function around other dogs (flooding). This can be overwhelming at first for your dog but they quickly adjust and before you know it you will be able to have your dog sit politely while having a conversation with another dog owner and dog only feet away. your dog will attend a group walk with other owners and dogs and have access to the portable agility course! All cues are taught every class and you can attend group class as often as you like until you are ready to attend the advanced class. Private Training takes place in your home. Sessions range from 45mins to 2hrs depending on the dog. (the dog always decides how long the session will be) This atmosphere keeps your dog in the comfort of the family home with no distractions. Homework is given at the end of the session outlining everything covered step by step and how often to practice the cues. Progress is directly related to the completion of homework before the following session.

Puppy Readiness class: Legacy is offering in home Puppy readiness class for $75.00 This class will cover the do's and don'ts of puppy parenting, set up a successful potty training regiment, teach you the methods of crate training, explain which toys are appropriate for a puppy that won't lead to bad habits later, or cause harm to your puppy, addresses puppy nipping and destructive chewing and teach you how to overcome nuisance behaviors you may have encountered already. After the informational portion of the class, we teach Sit, Focus, Touch and Come commands and before we leave we give you a folder containing all the information we covered so you may refer back to it at any time.

Private lessons: $90.00/ Session. Compare our private training rates to others in the area and you will see the value! Questionable behavior? we offer consultations for $25.

Group classes coming soon!

Dog Training

Basic Obedience

We take you from nose to tail. You and your dog will learn:






Loose leash walking



Intermediate training

Here we will expand on the fundamentals. Your dog will learn to recall with distractions, learn to greet humans and other dogs politely, leave things they find outside that may be harmful to them if consumed. We will master loose leash walking, sit/stay with distractions, and stop on command in case they get loose from their leash or home and expand on all Basic Obedience cues and add the following cues.




Leave it.

Must complete basic obedience before attending.

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